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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ask the Grape Girls: Wine & Spaghetti?

Bobby A. wrote: Hi Ladies, I had a great time at your wine tasting at Bloomingdale's. You mentioned that you would recommend wines to drink with meals and local stores to purchase the wines from. I've been having a taste for turkey spaghetti, what would be the perfect wine pairing? Thanks!

Hi Bobby, thanks for attending the event. Nothing bridges the gap from Fall to Winter like a hearty pasta dish and a great glass of wine! Substituting turkey for beef is a nice twist on a classic spaghetti dish and great for the waist line too. Normal pairings with pasta and meat sauce are chianti, merlot, cabernet and shiraz. Turkey will of course lighten up the dish so you might even try a pinot noir or experiment with a white wine. However, the real answer to your question lays in the sauce! Is it tangy, herbaceous, or acidic? Is it cheesy or loaded down with veggies? Here are a few wine pairing suggestions based on the type of pasta sauce you fancy:

Butter and cheese: Chianti or Barbera

Garlic, olive oil, parsley, hot pepper flakes: Pinot Grigio

Basil pesto: Cabernet Sauvignon

Fresh goat cheese, peas, mint: Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh tomatoes and basil: Sangiovese

Pancetta, onions, garlic, canned tomatoes: Syrah

Mushrooms, prosciutto, canned tomatoes: Zinfandel

Once you have narrowed down the elements of your sauce, take the above recommendation to your local wine retailer. A knowledgeable employee can help you pick the best varietal based on your budget and taste. Try Colors of Wine , Total Wine & More or WineStyles - all have fabulous selections and great staff.

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